More about the club….

Tushingham and District Riding Club was formed by Barry and Wendy Kay of Tushingham Arena in December of 2014. “We had had many requests over the years to set up a Riding Club and eventually thought that the time had come to do so” says Wendy Kay.

We set about the process of inviting member applications, commencing the affiliation process, setting up a committee, and setting up a separate bank account, “ We wanted members to know right from the start that this would be a member focused club, that not only listened to its members but responded by putting into action ideas and suggestions. It was also important that members knew that by affiliating to British Riding Clubs, Tushingham Arena has no hold over the club nor would it ever want to. Tushingham Arena has vowed to make their facilities available to the club at a preferential and competitive rate. That is not to say that other venues won’t be used by the club, they will, and Wendy and I (Tushingham Arena) encourage this” says Barry.

At this present time we have well over 100 members so the response from Riders has been excellent. The club regularly runs social events,  Committee meetings, flatwork clinics; jumping and polework clinics, and points shows at Tushingham Arena’s open shows.

Depending on your membership, you can also represent the club at The Area qualifiers!

We thank Tanya Campbell for setting up this website (Free of charge for the club)

You can navigate around the website to find out: What’s on; News from the Clubs activities; Whose on the Committee and lots more.